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Prema Life Pty Ltd (Prema Life) is a manufacturer and supplier of functional foods and supplements. The company has more than 30 years of operations, specialises in practitioner only naturopathic and homeopathic medicines, for brands such as BioActiv, BioResearch Homeopathics, Health Script, NPM and Sunray Compounding.

Prema Life has a team of nutritionists and naturopaths that run regular free educational webinars for practitioners to learn about the products they manufacture, and how to use them in a clinical setting or create their own formulations with their own labelling by manufacturing arm, Natural Vitality Australia.

The company also has an extensive functional foods & supplement range, under the brand, Wonderfoods.

Natural Vitality Australia (NVA) is a HACCP certified manufacturing facility for Prema Life Pty Ltd. NVA not only produces its own branded naturopathic and homeopathic ranges, but also offers current formulations under any label, for which branded as Cleanskins.

The other services provided by NVA as:

  • Contract Manufacturing: the facility specialises in blending any dry products and liquids to your own formulation.
  • Research and Development: the experiences R&D team is able to help clients with new product development, reformulation on current products or customised formulation which suits the clients’ needs.
  • Marketing: the in-house marketing team is able to propose the design of packaging and labels, as well as marketing materials.
  • Warehouse and fulfilment: store the finished products and distribute the clients’ products within or outside of Australia.

Wonderfoods has established itself as Australia’s leading natural functional food and single ingredient supplement brand. The brand develops and produces functional foods and products using only natural and highest quality ingredients (and organic when possible) that contribute to better health. There are nearly 75 different products from everyday use supplements, to targeted functions, such as digestive support, immune support, cognitive function, bones & joints to fitness performance range.

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Natural Tech R&D Sdn Bhd

A Malaysia BioNexus Status Company, specializes in research and development, cultivation, extraction and commercialization of nutraceuticals based on medicinal fungi.

NHF Management & business sdn bhd

Provides franchisee management services and consultation, such as point-of-sales system, resources, branding and marketing.